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Hi there!

When people first told me I should try Pinterest I said “For what? I can do all this on my tumblr blogs..”. But someday I gave it a try and I fell in love.

Today I have a big collection of Pinterest Boards and I’m addicted as f*ck!
Long story short: I don’t use this blog anymore. I got an Pinterest Board for this. xD

You could visit my second tumblr
The only thing I use this blog for are Gifs! Because at that point tumblr is the winner! (Oh yea and when it comes to sexy stuff!)

Sadly is my main tumblr. So every time I like something tumblr says “sumis90er liked this” is there a way to change the main blog? HELP!? :D

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I’m doing a frozen give away to celebrate reaching 5,000 followers!

The winner will receive:

  • A baby Anna or baby Elsa doll (their choice)
  • Anna and Elsa badge
  • Any two items from my Frozen merchandise collection

The rules

  1. Must be following me 
  2. Reblogs count only (not likes!)
  3. Your name will be put in as many times as you reblog
  4. Accounts made in order to reblog this many times will not be counted (i will check!)

The winner will be selected randomly in one month on February 28th using online random picker

Good luck!

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Ah Bob Ross :)

This reminds me, I need to get back into doing creative work.

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Every 90s kids childhood.


Every 90s kids childhood.

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